Spotlight on Ministry

Reachout Village Ministries is our Fall Spotlight.. Founders and current Directors, Rev. Dr. Daniel & Margaret Nkata of Kampala, Uganda started this ministry in 1987 in response to the challenges created by war in their district. The Nkatas wanted to reach out to the displaced children and offer them sanctuary, education, and love.  And they certainly have dobne that faithfully.  We are proud to partner with them in their efforts by helping them over come one of their recent challenges.  Reachout has two locations.  One in Sokolo and one in Muyonyo. The well in Munyonyo is in need of repair and the children have no clean water at the school or orphanage.  We will partner with them as well as the Uganda Water Project to rectify this problem by repairing their well..  You can read further about these efforts on our current events page.


Reverend Dr. Daniel & Margaret Nkata

Naomi Nkata Magimbi, Child Sponsorship Director

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