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                  A  Word from our Director,    


             As a ministry and as people of God we feel called to uplift & encourage the Ugandan people along their journey towards independence through love, compassion, and partnership. Established in 2016,  our ministry partners with local village leaders in Uganda, East Africa to  assist  them with some of the following areas necessary to improve the standard of living for their people.                                                                                                   

 *spreading of  the gospel 

*academic support

    * achieving access to clean water      

     * health education and medical care     

 * youth role modeling & encouragement

* financial independence through acquiring income  generating skills   


       We do this solely by the generous donations of people like yourself who care enough about elevating the quality of others lives.   We encourage fundraising and community projects  by churches who want to get involved  aimed at getting donations of funds or supplies. The Uganda Mission Project is an affiliate of the Canaan Family Life Center, and as such, is under their covering and non-profit status.


   For more information about or to contact Canaan Family Life Center, see their information below, as well the locations we currently minister in.  As any ministry wanting to succeed in it's mission we would  appreciate your support.                

                                                                     In the Service of the Lord,

                                                                 Gail Hoffman

Gail Hoffman
Ministry Founder
Project Director

The Uganda Mission Project, based in Philadelphia and achieves non profit status under the umbrella of the Canaan Family Life Center, came to existence out of a vision from the Lord . We feel blessed to be called to assist the Ugandan  people in their struggles and challenges in becoming a financially independent people with a higher quality of life .  This  can only be achieved by  the leading of the Lord and some initial assistance from those who have been given the means to do so.


Our work in Uganda has been successful  largely due to the fact that first build relationships  with the local leaders in the villagers that we minister in that are accomplished through mutual respect , trust and the understanding of the love of Jesus Christ has  for them.

We choose  projects  that will result in immediate health improvement or awareness, such as health education, water projects and  mobile medical clinics, or financial independence, such as  starting income generating projects or businesses or  sponsorship with with education  expenses.

Every developing country  needs some level of assistance to  achieve their goals. If you agree and fell led to help us help them, please partner with us. We  welcome your  caring and your partnership!

                                                                                                                          Have a blessed day today,

                                                                                                                      Gail Hoffman, Project Director

     The area we currently minister
*See our Partners & Friends page to meet the people we partner with.
Celebrating 15 years of service in Uganda
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