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Kare Afrika (KAO), a nonprofit civil society organization was founded in 2016 by
Mr. Magala Grace, who is an educated, dynamic, talented, development
centered, empathetic person with the mandate of empowering humanity with
knowledge, skills, information, protection, survival and development of Total
orphans, street children and vulnerable youth in the communities of Uganda. Kare Afrika Orphanage is based in Kaumma Parish; Makindye; Ssabagabo Division, Wakiso District, Kampala, Uganda.

The mission, goals and objectives of KAO is to support the access of
disadvantaged children to quality education, to promote the right to quality
healthcare, to rehabilitate and improve the welfare of children and youth who
have been traumatized by early bereavement, abuse and exploitation, to act as
the genesis for talent development, and to support parents and guardians
through building their capacity in entrepreneurship and income generating to
support their families.

The partnership between KAO and the Uganda Mission Project c/o Canaan Family Life Center, Inc, a Philadelphia, Pa. USA based nonprofit 501C3, began May 2021 through the introduction of Andrea Green, a Music Composer, Playwright, Director, Music Therapist, Jazz pianist/singer located in Philadelphia, Pa. Donations can be received through our website to support the programs of Kare Afrika for the most vulnerable children including total orphans, children with single parents, vulnerable families and refugees.

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