Exciting New Project!

We're so pleased to let you know that we have received enough funding for a much needed project to begin.  More details to follow, but here's a hint.

                       Check back soon to find out more.....

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"Rural Students




Richard Muzaale

Uganda Mission Project

2017 Youth  Conference


Founder, Richard Muzaale, who is originally from the Village of Bujagali, started out with a computer, a bike, and a passion for teaching, traveling from place to place giving computer lessons.  Thanks to a donation from Reboot for Youth (an org who reconditions broken computers and distributes them for free to those who use them for education), additional computers were supplied and a deal was made with local pastor, Moses Bagoole in Bujagali, to use his church building as a temporary center for learning.  Since then. Richard has acquired his own office,  located in Buyala, Budondo in the Ugandan district of Jinja.  The client list is increasing, and he is approaching graduation of his second  class,  with plans to expand.  With just his education and passion to help others learn, many will become financially independent as Mr. Muzaale has.


After our first fundraiser at Applebees Restaurant in North Attleboro, MA, we

are pleased to let you know that we are at 95% of  our goal of $2000 to repair the well in Munyonyo Village. A huge 

Thank  you  to   all participants.  For

highlights of that event, click here.  

The Well   in Munyonyo  has been restored to working condition!